Fluoride Treatments


Your dentist or hygienist may apply a fluoride varnish directly to your teeth to help prevent tooth decay and cavities. Fluoride varnish provides a temporary, concentrated dose of fluoride to the surface of the tooth. It has been clinically proven to prevent or reduce cavities in children and adults by strengthening tooth enamel, which is the outer coating on teeth. Fluoride varnish is safe and used by dentists and doctors world wide to prevent tooth decay. Only a small amount is used and applied on the teeth with a small brush. It is sticky and hardens once it comes into comes into contact with saliva, therefore, hardly any fluoride is swallowed.

For adults at risk of tooth decay, experiencing decalcification, or sensitivity, your dentist may prescribe a higher fluoridated toothpaste such as PreviDent 5000. This toothpaste contains four-times the amount of fluoride as regular toothpaste and can only be obtained with a prescription.


Sealants are thin, hard plastic coatings painted on the chewing surfaces of back teeth. Sealants keep food and bacteria from getting stuck in the rough chewing surfaces or grooves of your teeth, and protect your teeth from decay.

We recommend children get sealants on their first and second permanent adult molars as soon as they come in. The first permanent adult molars typically come in between the ages of five and seven. The second permanent adult molars come in between the ages of eleven and fourteen. The dentist may also recommend other teeth to be sealed as well.

Sealants are placed by the dentist or hygienist, and the process is simple and painless. The teeth are cleaned and a liquid solution is placed on the chewing services. This liquid immediately hardens with a curing light.