Dental Implants

Dental implants are an effective way to replace one or more missing teeth. Implants can replace teeth lost due to injury or disease and provide a more natural replacement than a denture or bridge.

Single tooth implants replace the entire tooth and root structure of a missing tooth. A titanium post replaces the root in the jaw creating a permanent base for a new crown. A single tooth does not involve treating the teeth next to it. Dental implants can be used to support a bridge where several teeth are missing. Unlike traditional bridges, an implant-supported bridge does not need support from the teeth next to it. For patients who are missing all their teeth implant supported dentures are terrific treatment options to restore cosmetic, function and health. Dental implants integrate with the jawbone, allowing dentures to be comfortable and stable, allowing one to bite and chew naturally.

The implant procedure requires several steps completed over a period of time generally ranging from 3 to 6 months. Once the implant is surgically placed into the jaw, it requires time for the bone to heal and integrate with the titanium post. In some cases the implant and temporary replacement teeth can be placed in the single visit, or same day. Once the healing process is complete, the dentist will then make the custom permanent tooth, teeth or dentures.

Dental implants require the same care as your other teeth: regular brushing, flossing, rinsing with an antibacterial mouthwash, and regular dental check-ups.