Dentures & Appliances

Believe it or not, tooth loss is extremely common among adults, especially as we age. In fact, more than 35 million people in America are missing all of their upper and/or lower teeth. Barksdale Dental wants to help you maintain your best smile and confidence with several replacement options.

Full dentures are prosthetic teeth and gums to replace all the teeth in your upper or lower arch. Partial dentures replace several missing teeth in an arch, and utilize the remodeling teeth for support. Both take advantage of advances in material and design to create more natural looking teeth and gums.

Conventional dentures are made to fit your mouth after any remaining teeth have been removed and the soft and hard tissues have had time to heal. The healing process may take several months.

Immediate dentures are inserted right away after the removal of any remaining teeth. The main advantage is that you don’t have to go without teeth. As your gums heal, you will need adjustments to the dentures to ensure proper fit and comfort. Generally, either a new denture is made after everything has healed or the immediate denture is relined on the inside to ensure a well fitting denture.

Dentures take time to adjust to especially if one has never worn a partial or full denture. You may need to eat softer foods and eat at a slower pace. You may experience temporary soreness or irritation. You may also notice changes in how you speak and speech at the beginning. Many of these issues will go away as you get use to wearing your dentures and any necessary adjustments made by your dentist.

Discuss what options are right for you with the team at Barksdale Dental.