A dental exam room at Barksdale Dental with visible x-ray equipment.

A dental crown covers the entire exterior of a tooth like a “cap.” Crowns may be needed for a tooth that is broken or cracked, has excessive wear, or decay where the structure of the tooth may be compromised by filling.

Crowns are created from impressions of your mouth and sculpted at a dental lab. The tooth receiving the crown will be reduced to accommodate the crown and, in some cases, a root canal may also be performed. The crown is bonded to the remaining tooth and minor adjustments are made to ensure a comfortable bite.

Crowns can be made a from a variety of materials depending on the location and visibility of the tooth being covered. Porcelain crowns provide a natural appearance for visible teeth, while metal crowns (or combination metal and porcelain) work well for molars.

Crowns should be cared for by following recommendations from your dentist after the crown is applied and then by following regular your oral health routine.